The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest
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Photo credit: F. Chehu, V. Gatto, E. Kitching, MW Hyde, G.T. Weaver, M. Williams, L. Patty.

What is The Californios?
The Californios" is a unique, one of a kind competition that used to be held in Red Bluff, California from 2000 to 2009. The show moved to the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center in Reno, Nevada in 2010 through 2012.

It features events that mimic the real life working situations of the buckaroo (va-que-ro). It is not a ranch rodeo; the events at "The Californios" are not timed. They are judged by a panel of highly qualified and respected judges who study each team and score them. Things like the size of the loop, the distance thrown, the handling of the slack, the control of the dally, their horsemanship, handling of the cattle, sportsmanship and style are all scored and recorded. Cattle are roped out of "the rodear" (herd) as teams of two or three cowboys expertly lay them down for doctoring or branding.

The stock handling techniques of "Old California" and the Great Basin buckaroo are proudly represented. All horses in all facets of the competition must be ridden in traditional gear.

We invite you to slow down and pay attention to the little things. True handiness is a thinking person's game. These competitors have dedicated their lives to quality; look for and appreciate the ones who have achieved perfection. It's the shining light of civility in the wild and untamed world in which they work.

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